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  1. Photo of James Gatward

    James Gatward Director

  2. Photo of Eric Price

    Eric Price Director

  3. Photo of Moira Armstrong

    Moira Armstrong Director

  4. Photo of Lennie Mayne

    Lennie Mayne Director

  5. Photo of Roger Jenkins

    Roger Jenkins Director

  6. Photo of Ken Hannam

    Ken Hannam Director

  7. Photo of Bill Craig

    Bill Craig Screenplay

  8. Photo of Vincent Tilsley

    Vincent Tilsley Screenplay

  9. Photo of Jack Ronder

    Jack Ronder Screenplay

  10. Photo of George F. Kerr

    George F. Kerr Screenplay

  11. Photo of Bruce Stewart

    Bruce Stewart Screenplay

  12. Photo of Sean Hignett

    Sean Hignett Screenplay

  13. Photo of Allan Prior

    Allan Prior Screenplay

  14. Photo of Eve Martell

    Eve Martell Screenplay

  15. Photo of Julian Nees

    Julian Nees Screenplay

  16. Photo of John Lucarotti

    John Lucarotti Screenplay

  17. Photo of Anthony Steven

    Anthony Steven Screenplay

  18. Photo of Jan Read

    Jan Read Screenplay

  19. Photo of Roy Russell

    Roy Russell Screenplay

  20. Photo of Martin Worth

    Martin Worth Screenplay

  21. Photo of Moris Farhi

    Moris Farhi Screenplay

  22. Photo of Tom Wright

    Tom Wright Screenplay

  23. Photo of Iain Cuthbertson

    Iain Cuthbertson Cast

  24. Photo of Michael Gambon

    Michael Gambon Cast

  25. Photo of Edith MacArthur

    Edith MacArthur Cast

  26. Photo of Ross Campbell

    Ross Campbell Cast

  27. Photo of Russell Waters

    Russell Waters Cast

  28. Photo of Margaret Greig

    Margaret Greig Cast

  29. Photo of Nell Brennan

    Nell Brennan Cast

  30. Photo of Eileen Nicholas

    Eileen Nicholas Cast

  31. Photo of Joseph Brady

    Joseph Brady Cast

  32. Photo of James Garbutt

    James Garbutt Cast

  33. Photo of David Lord

    David Lord Music

  34. Photo of Colin Shaw

    Colin Shaw Production Design

  35. Photo of Tim Gleeson

    Tim Gleeson Production Design

  36. Photo of Austin Ruddy

    Austin Ruddy Production Design

  37. Photo of Martin Johnson

    Martin Johnson Production Design

  38. Photo of Chris Pemsel

    Chris Pemsel Production Design

  39. Photo of David McKenzie

    David McKenzie Production Design

  40. Photo of Guthrie Hatton

    Guthrie Hatton Production Design

  41. Photo of Peter Graham Scott

    Peter Graham Scott Producer and Director

  42. Photo of Anthony Coburn

    Anthony Coburn Producer and Screenplay