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Ratings & Reviews

  1. DUTCH's rating of the film The Born Losers

    Its socio-political themes and contradictions that make other Billy Jacks go awry are present but don't swallow the film whole. Wild and crazy fun (along with some homoeroticism from bikers with names like Gang Green) while being supported by legitimately good performances by Tom Laughlin and Liza Minelli doppelganger Elizabeth James. Also, Jane Russell is in it. No idea why and it seems she has no idea either.

  2. PETE GCDB's rating of the film The Born Losers

    This one is more of a standard wild n crazy biker film but you could see some of the socio-political themes emerging that would form the core of the film Billy Jack.

  3. Surrender Dorothy's rating of the film The Born Losers

    Super fun and crazy! I remember that I always used to catch this late at night on TCM in 7-8th grade. The other Billy Jack movies could never live up to this one.