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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Black Irish's rating of the film The Bounty

    "Come back here, Mr. Fryer! You turned your back on me, goddamn yer eyes!"

  2. pedrosaurus's rating of the film The Bounty

    Wasn't expecting it to be as compelling as it was. Sure, the Vangelis music sounds outdated (especially in the final credits). However, this is a solid and entertaining effort with great performances by a very good cast.

  3. Andrew's rating of the film The Bounty

    quite good, though vangelis' blade runner-esque score is a bit jarring in 2011 4/5

  4. Kid Sisyphus's rating of the film The Bounty

    An Utopian exercise: think of life as a Cartesian coordinate system wherein x=Fletcher Christian and y=Lieutenant Bligh and chart yourself by year. Also, Vangelis. He’s the Lynyrd Skynyrd of 80s movies. Freebird.