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  1. Photo of Paul Greengrass

    Paul Greengrass Director

  2. Photo of Patrick Crowley

    Patrick Crowley Producer

  3. Photo of Frank Marshall

    Frank Marshall Producer

  4. Photo of Paul Sandberg

    Paul Sandberg Producer

  5. Photo of Robert Ludlum

    Robert Ludlum Screenplay

  6. Photo of Tony Gilroy

    Tony Gilroy Screenplay

  7. Photo of Oliver Wood

    Oliver Wood Cinematography

  8. Photo of Matt Damon

    Matt Damon Cast

  9. Photo of Joan Allen

    Joan Allen Cast

  10. Photo of Franka Potente

    Franka Potente Cast

  11. Photo of Brian Cox

    Brian Cox Cast

  12. Photo of Julia Stiles

    Julia Stiles Cast

  13. Photo of Karl Urban

    Karl Urban Cast

  14. Photo of Gabriel Mann

    Gabriel Mann Cast

  15. Photo of Marton Csokas

    Marton Csokas Cast

  16. Photo of Doug Liman

    Doug Liman Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Henry Morrison

    Henry Morrison Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Jeffrey M. Weiner

    Jeffrey M. Weiner Executive Producer

  19. Photo of John Powell

    John Powell Music

  20. Photo of Richard Pearson

    Richard Pearson Editing

  21. Photo of Christopher Rouse

    Christopher Rouse Editing

  22. Photo of Dominic Watkins

    Dominic Watkins Production Design

  23. Photo of Tom Gallop

    Tom Gallop Cast

  24. Photo of John Bedford Lloyd

    John Bedford Lloyd Cast

  25. Photo of Ethan Sandler

    Ethan Sandler Cast

  26. Photo of Michelle Monaghan

    Michelle Monaghan Cast

  27. Photo of Karel Roden

    Karel Roden Cast

  28. Photo of Tomas Arana

    Tomas Arana Cast

  29. Photo of Oksana Akinshina

    Oksana Akinshina Cast

  30. Photo of Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper Cast