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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Vlad's rating of the film The Boxer and Death

    The opening sequence is remarcable in the way it presents Kraft as a sportsman, and with a cut to the skull adorning the cap of the now uniformed man our perception of this character is subverted. Solan defies the instinct to portray commander from a singular viewpoint. I have my qualms towards how well the sequences depicting Kominek's moral dilemma and camp life are integrated.

  2. mikolaj kunicki's rating of the film The Boxer and Death

    Remarkable movie with an excellent international cast, bold cinematography and score. Manfred Krug as the commander delivers the best performance in his career. I think that this film and Munk's "Passenger" are among the innovative and pioneering cinematic statements on concentration camps and relationships between victims and perpetrators.