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  1. Photo of Joseph Losey

    Joseph Losey Director

  2. Photo of Betsy Beaton

    Betsy Beaton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ben Barzman

    Ben Barzman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alfred Lewis Levitt

    Alfred Lewis Levitt Screenplay

  5. Photo of Pat O'Brien

    Pat O'Brien Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Ryan

    Robert Ryan Cast

  7. Photo of Barbara Hale

    Barbara Hale Cast

  8. Photo of Dean Stockwell

    Dean Stockwell Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Lyon

    Richard Lyon Cast

  10. Photo of Walter Catlett

    Walter Catlett Cast

  11. Photo of David Clarke

    David Clarke Cast

  12. Photo of Samuel S. Hinds

    Samuel S. Hinds Cast

  13. Photo of Regis Toomey

    Regis Toomey Cast

  14. Photo of Charles Meredith

    Charles Meredith Cast

  15. Photo of Russ Tamblyn

    Russ Tamblyn Cast

  16. Photo of George Barnes

    George Barnes Cinematography

  17. Photo of Leigh Harline

    Leigh Harline Music

  18. Photo of Ralph Berger

    Ralph Berger Production Design

  19. Photo of Albert S. D'Agostino

    Albert S. D'Agostino Production Design

  20. Photo of Stephen Ames

    Stephen Ames Producer

  21. Photo of Adrian Scott

    Adrian Scott Producer

  22. Photo of Dore Schary

    Dore Schary Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Frank Doyle

    Frank Doyle Editing