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  1. Photo of Søren Kragh-Jacobsen

    Søren Kragh-Jacobsen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bjarne Reuter

    Bjarne Reuter Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tomas Villum Jensen

    Tomas Villum Jensen Cast

  4. Photo of Morten Buch Jørgensen

    Morten Buch Jørgensen Cast

  5. Photo of Nikolaj Lie Kaas

    Nikolaj Lie Kaas Cast

  6. Photo of Christian Grønvall

    Christian Grønvall Cast

  7. Photo of Karl Bille

    Karl Bille Cast

  8. Photo of Søren Hytholm Jensen

    Søren Hytholm Jensen Cast

  9. Photo of Joachim Knop

    Joachim Knop Cast

  10. Photo of Xenia Lach-Nielsen

    Xenia Lach-Nielsen Cast

  11. Photo of Bent Mejding

    Bent Mejding Cast

  12. Photo of Helle Merete Sørensen

    Helle Merete Sørensen Cast

  13. Photo of Ida Nepper

    Ida Nepper Cast

  14. Photo of Philip Zandén

    Philip Zandén Cast

  15. Photo of Solbjørg Højfeldt

    Solbjørg Højfeldt Cast

  16. Photo of Tilde Maja Frederiksen

    Tilde Maja Frederiksen Cast

  17. Photo of Amalie Ihle Alstrup

    Amalie Ihle Alstrup Cast

  18. Photo of Sofie Wandrup

    Sofie Wandrup Cast

  19. Photo of Morten Suurballe

    Morten Suurballe Cast

  20. Photo of Egon Madsen

    Egon Madsen Cast

  21. Photo of Thomas Rask

    Thomas Rask Cast

  22. Photo of Erik Wedersøe

    Erik Wedersøe Cast

  23. Photo of Steen Springborg

    Steen Springborg Cast

  24. Photo of Michael Friis

    Michael Friis Cast

  25. Photo of Bjørn Watt-Boolsen

    Bjørn Watt-Boolsen Cast

  26. Photo of Baard Owe

    Baard Owe Cast

  27. Photo of Jon Bang Carlsen

    Jon Bang Carlsen Cast

  28. Photo of Søren Bager

    Søren Bager Cast

  29. Photo of Niels Anders Thorn

    Niels Anders Thorn Cast

  30. Photo of Joachim Uhlitzsch

    Joachim Uhlitzsch Cast

  31. Photo of Jens Knospe

    Jens Knospe Cast

  32. Photo of Dan Laustsen

    Dan Laustsen Cinematography

  33. Photo of Jacob Groth

    Jacob Groth Music

  34. Photo of Lars Nielsen

    Lars Nielsen Production Design

  35. Photo of Mads Egmont Christensen

    Mads Egmont Christensen Producer

  36. Photo of Bent Fabricius-Bjerre

    Bent Fabricius-Bjerre Executive Producer

  37. Photo of Leif Axel Kjeldsen

    Leif Axel Kjeldsen Editing