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  1. Photo of William Friedkin

    William Friedkin Director

  2. Photo of Mart Crowley

    Mart Crowley Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Arthur J. Ornitz

    Arthur J. Ornitz Cinematography

  4. Photo of Kenneth Nelson

    Kenneth Nelson Cast

  5. Photo of Frederick Combs

    Frederick Combs Cast

  6. Photo of Cliff Gorman

    Cliff Gorman Cast

  7. Photo of Jack C. Jacobsen

    Jack C. Jacobsen Sound

  8. Photo of James Perdue

    James Perdue Sound

  9. Photo of John Robert Lloyd

    John Robert Lloyd Production Design

  10. Photo of Gerald B. Greenberg

    Gerald B. Greenberg Editing

  11. Photo of Carl Lerner

    Carl Lerner Editing

  12. Photo of Dominick Dunne

    Dominick Dunne Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Robert Jiras

    Robert Jiras Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Kenneth Utt

    Kenneth Utt Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Laurence Luckinbill

    Laurence Luckinbill Cast

  16. Photo of Keith Prentice

    Keith Prentice Cast

  17. Photo of Peter White

    Peter White Cast

  18. Photo of Reuben Greene

    Reuben Greene Cast

  19. Photo of Robert La Tourneaux

    Robert La Tourneaux Cast

  20. Photo of Leonard Frey

    Leonard Frey Cast