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  1. Photo of Jerry Rees

    Jerry Rees Screenplay, Director Animation

  2. Photo of Thomas M. Disch

    Thomas M. Disch Screenplay

  3. Photo of Brian McEntee

    Brian McEntee Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jon Lovitz

    Jon Lovitz Cast

  5. Photo of Timothy Stack

    Timothy Stack Cast

  6. Photo of Timothy E. Day

    Timothy E. Day Cast

  7. Photo of Phil Hartman

    Phil Hartman Cast

  8. Photo of Thurl Ravenscroft

    Thurl Ravenscroft Cast

  9. Photo of Deanna Oliver

    Deanna Oliver Cast

  10. Photo of Judy Toll

    Judy Toll Cast

  11. Photo of Wayne Kaatz

    Wayne Kaatz Cast

  12. Photo of Colette Savage

    Colette Savage Cast

  13. Photo of Mindy Stern

    Mindy Stern Cast

  14. Photo of Jim Jackman

    Jim Jackman Cast

  15. Photo of Randall William Cook

    Randall William Cook Cast

  16. Photo of Jonathan Benair

    Jonathan Benair Cast

  17. Photo of Louis Conti

    Louis Conti Cast

  18. Photo of David Newman

    David Newman Music

  19. Photo of Van Dyke Parks

    Van Dyke Parks Music

  20. Photo of Donald Kushner

    Donald Kushner Producer

  21. Photo of Thomas L. Wilhite

    Thomas L. Wilhite Producer

  22. Photo of Willard Carroll

    Willard Carroll Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Peter Locke

    Peter Locke Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Donald W. Ernst

    Donald W. Ernst Editing

  25. Photo of Shawn Murphy

    Shawn Murphy Sound

  26. Photo of George Thompson

    George Thompson Sound

  27. Photo of Andrew Morris

    Andrew Morris Sound

  28. Photo of Chris Buck

    Chris Buck Animation

  29. Photo of Randy Cartwright

    Randy Cartwright Animation

  30. Photo of Chen Chia-Liang

    Chen Chia-Liang Animation

  31. Photo of Sparky Chen

    Sparky Chen Animation

  32. Photo of Kao Chienhua

    Kao Chienhua Animation

  33. Photo of Yan Shuenn Fa

    Yan Shuenn Fa Animation

  34. Photo of Michael Giaimo

    Michael Giaimo Animation

  35. Photo of Dan Haskett

    Dan Haskett Animation

  36. Photo of Ho Yueh-Lan

    Ho Yueh-Lan Animation

  37. Photo of Hsaio Szu-Ko

    Hsaio Szu-Ko Animation

  38. Photo of M.Y. Hsieh

    M.Y. Hsieh Animation

  39. Photo of Skip Jones

    Skip Jones Animation

  40. Photo of Kao Yae-Te

    Kao Yae-Te Animation

  41. Photo of Kevin Lima

    Kevin Lima Animation

  42. Photo of Rob Minkoff

    Rob Minkoff Animation

  43. Photo of Steve Moore

    Steve Moore Animation

  44. Photo of John Norton

    John Norton Animation

  45. Photo of Joe Ranft

    Joe Ranft Animation, Cast Screenplay

  46. Photo of Rebecca Rees

    Rebecca Rees Animation

  47. Photo of Ann Telnaes

    Ann Telnaes Animation

  48. Photo of Chris Wahl

    Chris Wahl Animation

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