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  1. Photo of Nora Twomey

    Nora Twomey Director

  2. Photo of Anita Doron

    Anita Doron Screenplay

  3. Photo of Deborah Ellis

    Deborah Ellis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Saara Chaudry

    Saara Chaudry Cast

  5. Photo of Soma Bhatia

    Soma Bhatia Cast

  6. Photo of Noorin Gulamgaus

    Noorin Gulamgaus Cast

  7. Photo of Laara Sadiq

    Laara Sadiq Cast

  8. Photo of Ali Kazmi

    Ali Kazmi Cast

  9. Photo of Ali Badshah

    Ali Badshah Cast

  10. Photo of Shaista Latif

    Shaista Latif Cast

  11. Photo of Kanza Feris

    Kanza Feris Cast

  12. Photo of Kawa Ada

    Kawa Ada Cast

  13. Photo of Kane Mahon

    Kane Mahon Cast

  14. Photo of Mran Volkhard

    Mran Volkhard Cast

  15. Photo of Reza Sholeh

    Reza Sholeh Cast

  16. Photo of Jeff Danna

    Jeff Danna Music

  17. Photo of Mychael Danna

    Mychael Danna Music

  18. Photo of Anthony Leo

    Anthony Leo Producer

  19. Photo of Tomm Moore

    Tomm Moore Producer

  20. Photo of Andrew Rosen

    Andrew Rosen Producer

  21. Photo of Paul Young

    Paul Young Producer

  22. Photo of Darragh Byrne

    Darragh Byrne Editing

  23. Photo of Chloë Aubert

    Chloë Aubert Animation

  24. Photo of Svend Rothmann Bonde

    Svend Rothmann Bonde Animation

  25. Photo of Barbara Cipollone

    Barbara Cipollone Animation

  26. Photo of Diane Coat

    Diane Coat Animation

  27. Photo of Ole Christian Løken

    Ole Christian Løken Animation

  28. Photo of Mathilde Vachet

    Mathilde Vachet Animation