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  1. Photo of Rasmus Breistein

    Rasmus Breistein Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kristofer Janson

    Kristofer Janson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gunnar Nilsen-Vig

    Gunnar Nilsen-Vig Cinematography

  4. Photo of Aase Bye

    Aase Bye Cast

  5. Photo of Gunhild Schytte-Jacobsen

    Gunhild Schytte-Jacobsen Cast

  6. Photo of Henry Gleditsch

    Henry Gleditsch Cast

  7. Photo of Alfred Maurstad

    Alfred Maurstad Cast

  8. Photo of Annik Saxegaard

    Annik Saxegaard Cast

  9. Photo of Oscar Larsen

    Oscar Larsen Cast

  10. Photo of Martin Fiksen

    Martin Fiksen Cast

  11. Photo of Dagmar Myhrvold

    Dagmar Myhrvold Cast

  12. Photo of Vilhelm Lund

    Vilhelm Lund Cast

  13. Photo of Henny Skjønberg

    Henny Skjønberg Cast

  14. Photo of Gustav Berg-Jæger

    Gustav Berg-Jæger Cast

  15. Photo of Edel Johansen

    Edel Johansen Cast

  16. Photo of Emma Juel

    Emma Juel Cast

  17. Photo of Ole Leikvang

    Ole Leikvang Cast

  18. Photo of Rasmus Rasmussen

    Rasmus Rasmussen Cast

  19. Photo of Ernst Sem-Johansen

    Ernst Sem-Johansen Cast