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Ratings & Reviews

  1. El Biffo's rating of the film The Bride Wore Red

    This movie wouldn't even be worth mentioning if it didn't have a great artist like Joan Crawford carrying it. Joan does get some help from "Good Witch" Billie Burke, who was linked romantically with the director of this film, Dorothy Arzner. Arzner was not only a gender pioneer a century ahead of her time, she was the only woman directing in 1930's Hollywood. And she invented the boom mic!

  2. Diderot's rating of the film The Bride Wore Red

    This is a really delicious class-swapping melodrama: one of Crawford's best roles of the '30s opposite an adorable Franchot Tone. It's also the best film I've seen yet from Arzner.

  3. eugenie de sade's rating of the film The Bride Wore Red

    "true love" was inappropriate for this film (and as a mandate in many late-'30s "women's pictures" insults the intelligence of its target audience) but otherwise well-executed if generic. nobody ever did the rags-to-riches chorus girl as naturally as joan crawford

  4. Charles Coleman's rating of the film The Bride Wore Red

    3 1/2. All the actors are good in the movie especially Tone, Burke, Crawford and Mary Philips, I really liked the relationship of the latter two. They had an interesting friendship in the film. The plot is less interesting but the class dynamics between Crawford and the rest of the characters is worth watching for.