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  1. Photo of Henrik Georgsson

    Henrik Georgsson Director

  2. Photo of Rumle Hammerich

    Rumle Hammerich Director

  3. Photo of Charlotte Sieling

    Charlotte Sieling Director

  4. Photo of Morten Arnfred

    Morten Arnfred Director

  5. Photo of Kathrine Windfeld

    Kathrine Windfeld Director

  6. Photo of Lisa Siwe

    Lisa Siwe Director

  7. Photo of Camilla Ahlgren

    Camilla Ahlgren Screenplay

  8. Photo of Måns Mårlind

    Måns Mårlind Screenplay

  9. Photo of Hans Rosenfeldt

    Hans Rosenfeldt Screenplay

  10. Photo of Nikolaj Scherfig

    Nikolaj Scherfig Screenplay

  11. Photo of Björn Stein

    Björn Stein Screenplay

  12. Photo of Sofia Helin

    Sofia Helin Cast

  13. Photo of Rafael Pettersson

    Rafael Pettersson Cast

  14. Photo of Dag Malmberg

    Dag Malmberg Cast

  15. Photo of Sarah Boberg

    Sarah Boberg Cast

  16. Photo of Kim Bodnia

    Kim Bodnia Cast

  17. Photo of Puk Scharbau

    Puk Scharbau Cast

  18. Photo of Lars Simonsen

    Lars Simonsen Cast

  19. Photo of Henrik Lundström

    Henrik Lundström Cast

  20. Photo of Thure Lindhardt

    Thure Lindhardt Cast

  21. Photo of Patrik Andrén

    Patrik Andrén Music

  22. Photo of Uno Helmersson

    Uno Helmersson Music

  23. Photo of Johan Söderqvist

    Johan Söderqvist Music