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  1. Photo of Paolo Agazzi

    Paolo Agazzi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fernando Aguilar

    Fernando Aguilar Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Óscar Soria

    Óscar Soria Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gaby Vallejo de Bolivar

    Gaby Vallejo de Bolivar Screenplay

  5. Photo of César Pérez

    César Pérez Cinematography

  6. Photo of Edwin Morales

    Edwin Morales Cast

  7. Photo of Juan José Tabeada

    Juan José Tabeada Cast

  8. Photo of Edgar Vargas

    Edgar Vargas Cast

  9. Photo of Melita de Carpio

    Melita de Carpio Cast

  10. Photo of Alberto Cornejo

    Alberto Cornejo Cast

  11. Photo of Sergei Kitaigorod

    Sergei Kitaigorod Cast

  12. Photo of Ursula West

    Ursula West Editing

  13. Photo of Sergio Prudencio

    Sergio Prudencio Music

  14. Photo of Antonio González

    Antonio González Sound

  15. Photo of Ute Gumz

    Ute Gumz Screenplay

  16. Photo of Raquel Romero

    Raquel Romero Screenplay

  17. Photo of Carlos Laserna

    Carlos Laserna Producer

  18. Photo of Mela Márquez

    Mela Márquez Producer

  19. Photo of Julia Weise

    Julia Weise Cinematography

  20. Photo of José Bozo

    José Bozo Production Design