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  1. Photo of Olle Hellbom

    Olle Hellbom Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Astrid Lindgren

    Astrid Lindgren Screenplay

  3. Photo of Staffan Götestam

    Staffan Götestam Cast

  4. Photo of Lars Söderdahl

    Lars Söderdahl Cast

  5. Photo of Allan Edwall

    Allan Edwall Cast

  6. Photo of Gunn Wållgren

    Gunn Wållgren Cast

  7. Photo of Folke Hjort

    Folke Hjort Cast

  8. Photo of Per Oscarsson

    Per Oscarsson Cast

  9. Photo of Tommy Johnson

    Tommy Johnson Cast

  10. Photo of Jan Nygren

    Jan Nygren Cast

  11. Photo of Micha Gabay

    Micha Gabay Cast

  12. Photo of Georg Årlin

    Georg Årlin Cast

  13. Photo of Bertil Norström

    Bertil Norström Cast

  14. Photo of Mats Andersson

    Mats Andersson Cast

  15. Photo of Aksel Erhardtsen

    Aksel Erhardtsen Cast

  16. Photo of Ulf Håkan Jansson

    Ulf Håkan Jansson Cast

  17. Photo of Bodil Lindorff

    Bodil Lindorff Cast

  18. Photo of Bengt Brunskog

    Bengt Brunskog Cast

  19. Photo of Lone Rode

    Lone Rode Cast

  20. Photo of Erno Müller

    Erno Müller Cast

  21. Photo of Göthe Grefbo

    Göthe Grefbo Cast

  22. Photo of Rune Ericson

    Rune Ericson Cinematography

  23. Photo of Lasse Dahlberg

    Lasse Dahlberg Music

  24. Photo of Björn Isfält

    Björn Isfält Music

  25. Photo of Lotta Melanton

    Lotta Melanton Production Design

  26. Photo of Olle Nordemar

    Olle Nordemar Producer

  27. Photo of Jan Persson

    Jan Persson Editing

  28. Photo of Eddie Axberg

    Eddie Axberg Sound

  29. Photo of Berndt Frithiof

    Berndt Frithiof Sound

  30. Photo of Peter Holthausen

    Peter Holthausen Sound