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  1. Photo of Henri Diamant-Berger

    Henri Diamant-Berger Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Georges Courteline

    Georges Courteline Screenplay

  3. Photo of Noël-Noël

    Noël-Noël Cast

  4. Photo of Philippe Clay

    Philippe Clay Cast

  5. Photo of Jean Richard

    Jean Richard Cast

  6. Photo of Jacques Grello

    Jacques Grello Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Demange

    Paul Demange Cast

  8. Photo of Bernard Lavalette

    Bernard Lavalette Cast

  9. Photo of Lucien Baroux

    Lucien Baroux Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  11. Photo of Pierre Doris

    Pierre Doris Cast

  12. Photo of Jean Poiret

    Jean Poiret Cast

  13. Photo of Micheline Dax

    Micheline Dax Cast

  14. Photo of Mathilde Casadesus

    Mathilde Casadesus Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Burnier

    Robert Burnier Cast

  16. Photo of Madeleine Suffel

    Madeleine Suffel Cast

  17. Photo of Hubert Deschamps

    Hubert Deschamps Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Parédès

    Jean Parédès Cast

  19. Photo of Michel Serrault

    Michel Serrault Cast

  20. Photo of Pauline Carton

    Pauline Carton Cast

  21. Photo of André Germain

    André Germain Cinematography

  22. Photo of Francis Lopez

    Francis Lopez Music

  23. Photo of Roger Briaucourt

    Roger Briaucourt Production Design

  24. Photo of Françoise Diot

    Françoise Diot Editing