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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Log Lady's rating of the film The Burglar

    Perfectly satisfying and entertaining low-budget noir with a wonderful performance by Mansfield, a fresh turn from her usual roles.

  2. Gnosis's rating of the film The Burglar

    This is the best film of it's type; i.e. a film in which Dan Duryea's is palmfaced for the entire duration of the film.

  3. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film The Burglar

    A very good late noir with all the tropes covered. It gets the most out of it's low budget with wonderful location shooting and night photography when film stocks weren't very fast and this production had a minimum of lights at its disposal--certainly compared to now. Dan Duryea is always a great crook, and young Jane Mansfield is a surprise. A must for noir buffs by a good director, at least here--Angel Baby too.

  4. Tony Zhou's rating of the film The Burglar

    To me this is one of the first student noirs. It wasn't made by intuition, but by careful study and imitation of other filmmakers (definitely Welles and Hitchcock). Later directors (like Altman and Polanski) would do this better, but sometimes I love watching a young filmmaker work through his influences and try to come out the other side. This director mostly succeeds.

  5. spartacula's rating of the film The Burglar

    Gritty noir with occassional hokey performances; still great to watch. Jewels, dirty copper, femme fatale, lots of shadows. I was five when they shot this in my home town. Enjoyed seeing Atlantic City the way it was before the 'greed machines' took over.

  6. Aaken's rating of the film The Burglar

    A gem from the late film noir era. Some say Paul Wendkos owes a lot to Orson Welles whom he admired, it's nevertheless visually stunning, if sometime a little too mannered. Performances are great: Dan Duryea perfect in this unusually gentler role, Martha Vickers is fine as the embittered femme fatale, and Jayne Mansfield sensitive and moving as Gladden, far from the dumb blonde type she was to play later.

  7. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Burglar

    One of the last Film Noir and one of the greatest. Ambiguous relation between Mansfield and Duryea, a rotten policeman, Martha ā€“ The Big Sleep ā€“ Vickers as the treacherous femme fatale. Masterpiece.