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  1. Photo of F.W. Murnau

    F.W. Murnau Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Sascha Goron

    Sascha Goron Producer

  3. Photo of Erich Pommer

    Erich Pommer Producer

  4. Photo of Ludwig Klitzsch

    Ludwig Klitzsch Producer

  5. Photo of Willy Haas

    Willy Haas Screenplay

  6. Photo of Arthur Rosen

    Arthur Rosen Screenplay

  7. Photo of Thea von Harbou

    Thea von Harbou Screenplay

  8. Photo of Karl Freund

    Karl Freund Cinematography

  9. Photo of Fritz Arno Wagner

    Fritz Arno Wagner Cinematography

  10. Photo of Eugen Klöpfer

    Eugen Klöpfer Cast

  11. Photo of Vladimir Gajdarov

    Vladimir Gajdarov Cast

  12. Photo of Werner Krauss

    Werner Krauss Cast

  13. Photo of Eduard von Winterstein

    Eduard von Winterstein Cast

  14. Photo of Stella Arbenina

    Stella Arbenina Cast

  15. Photo of Lya De Putti

    Lya De Putti Cast

  16. Photo of Alfred Abel

    Alfred Abel Cast

  17. Photo of Grete Diercks

    Grete Diercks Cast

  18. Photo of Olga Engl

    Olga Engl Cast

  19. Photo of Elsa Wagner

    Elsa Wagner Cast

  20. Photo of Emilia Unda

    Emilia Unda Cast

  21. Photo of Leonie Taliansky

    Leonie Taliansky Cast

  22. Photo of Albert Patry

    Albert Patry Cast

  23. Photo of Magnus Stifter

    Magnus Stifter Cast

  24. Photo of Hellmuth Bergmann

    Hellmuth Bergmann Cast

  25. Photo of Hans Bernecker

    Hans Bernecker Cast

  26. Photo of Gustav Botz

    Gustav Botz Cast

  27. Photo of Rochus Gliese

    Rochus Gliese Production Design

  28. Photo of Alexander Schirmann

    Alexander Schirmann Music