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  1. Photo of Peter Hall

    Peter Hall Director

  2. Photo of Sophie Balhetchet

    Sophie Balhetchet Producer

  3. Photo of Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ernest Vincze

    Ernest Vincze Cinematography

  5. Photo of David Martin

    David Martin Editing

  6. Photo of Stephen Edwards

    Stephen Edwards Music

  7. Photo of Stuart Walker

    Stuart Walker Production Design

  8. Photo of Felicity Kendal

    Felicity Kendal Cast

  9. Photo of Claire Bloom

    Claire Bloom Cast

  10. Photo of Jennifer Ehle

    Jennifer Ehle Cast

  11. Photo of Richard Johnson

    Richard Johnson Cast

  12. Photo of Rebecca Hall

    Rebecca Hall Cast

  13. Photo of Nicholas Le Prevost

    Nicholas Le Prevost Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Eddington

    Paul Eddington Cast

  15. Photo of Oliver Cotton

    Oliver Cotton Cast

  16. Photo of Virginia McKenna

    Virginia McKenna Cast

  17. Photo of John Elmes

    John Elmes Cast

  18. Photo of James Gaddas

    James Gaddas Cast

  19. Photo of Tara Fitzgerald

    Tara Fitzgerald Cast

  20. Photo of Polly Adams

    Polly Adams Cast

  21. Photo of Toby Stephens

    Toby Stephens Cast

  22. Photo of Rosemary Harris

    Rosemary Harris Cast

  23. Photo of Martin Benson

    Martin Benson Cast

  24. Photo of Donald Pickering

    Donald Pickering Cast

  25. Photo of Richard Vernon

    Richard Vernon Cast