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  1. Photo of Noël Simsolo

    Noël Simsolo Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pascal Cervo

    Pascal Cervo Cast

  3. Photo of Catherine Deneuve

    Catherine Deneuve Cast

  4. Photo of Annie Cordy

    Annie Cordy Cast

  5. Photo of Simone Tassimot

    Simone Tassimot Cast

  6. Photo of Françoise Lebrun

    Françoise Lebrun Cast

  7. Photo of Françoise Arnoul

    Françoise Arnoul Cast

  8. Photo of Édith Scob

    Édith Scob Cast

  9. Photo of Marianne Basler

    Marianne Basler Cast

  10. Photo of Mathieu Amalric

    Mathieu Amalric Cast

  11. Photo of Alberta Commaret

    Alberta Commaret Cast

  12. Photo of Catherine Estrade

    Catherine Estrade Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Vecchiali

    Paul Vecchiali Producer, Director, Screenplay Cast

  14. Photo of Thomas Ordonneau

    Thomas Ordonneau Producer

  15. Photo of Philippe Bottiglione

    Philippe Bottiglione Cinematography

  16. Photo of Francis Bonfanti

    Francis Bonfanti Sound

  17. Photo of Vincent Commaret

    Vincent Commaret Editing

  18. Photo of Roland Vincent

    Roland Vincent Music