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  1. Photo of Ilya Motyleff

    Ilya Motyleff Director

  2. Photo of Sidney M. Goldin

    Sidney M. Goldin Director

  3. Photo of Louis Freiman

    Louis Freiman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mark Schweid

    Mark Schweid Screenplay

  5. Photo of Moyshe Oysher

    Moyshe Oysher Cast

  6. Photo of Florence Weiss

    Florence Weiss Cast

  7. Photo of Judith Abarbanel

    Judith Abarbanel Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Rosenberg

    Michael Rosenberg Cast

  9. Photo of Juda Bleich

    Juda Bleich Cast

  10. Photo of Bertha Guttenberg

    Bertha Guttenberg Cast

  11. Photo of Isidore Cashier

    Isidore Cashier Cast

  12. Photo of Vicki Marcus

    Vicki Marcus Cast

  13. Photo of Lorraine Abarbanal

    Lorraine Abarbanal Cast

  14. Photo of Irving Honigman

    Irving Honigman Cast

  15. Photo of Rose Wallerstein

    Rose Wallerstein Cast

  16. Photo of Frank Zucker

    Frank Zucker Cinematography

  17. Photo of Aleksandr Olshanetsky

    Aleksandr Olshanetsky Music

  18. Photo of Arthur Block

    Arthur Block Producer

  19. Photo of Samuel Segal

    Samuel Segal Producer

  20. Photo of Leonard Weiss

    Leonard Weiss Editing