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  1. Photo of Robert Wise

    Robert Wise Director

  2. Photo of Karl Kamb

    Karl Kamb Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alvin M. Josephy

    Alvin M. Josephy Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Forsythe

    John Forsythe Cast

  5. Photo of Joan Camden

    Joan Camden Cast

  6. Photo of Harold J. Kennedy

    Harold J. Kennedy Cast

  7. Photo of Marjorie Crossland

    Marjorie Crossland Cast

  8. Photo of Ray Teal

    Ray Teal Cast

  9. Photo of Estes Kefauver

    Estes Kefauver Cast

  10. Photo of Martin Milner

    Martin Milner Cast

  11. Photo of Geraldine Hall

    Geraldine Hall Cast

  12. Photo of Hal K. Dawson

    Hal K. Dawson Cast

  13. Photo of Victor Sutherland

    Victor Sutherland Cast

  14. Photo of Ian Wolfe

    Ian Wolfe Cast

  15. Photo of Gladys Hurlbut

    Gladys Hurlbut Cast

  16. Photo of Jess Kirkpatrick

    Jess Kirkpatrick Cast

  17. Photo of Paul Newlan

    Paul Newlan Cast

  18. Photo of Frances Morris

    Frances Morris Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Brinegar

    Paul Brinegar Cast

  20. Photo of Patricia Goldwater

    Patricia Goldwater Cast

  21. Photo of Robert Gorell

    Robert Gorell Cast

  22. Photo of Lee Garmes

    Lee Garmes Cinematography

  23. Photo of Jerome Moross

    Jerome Moross Music

  24. Photo of Maurice Zuberano

    Maurice Zuberano Production Design

  25. Photo of Theron Warth

    Theron Warth Producer

  26. Photo of Ralph Swink

    Ralph Swink Editing