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  1. Photo of Laurent Baffie

    Laurent Baffie Screenplay, Cast, Director Producer

  2. Photo of Daniel Russo

    Daniel Russo Cast

  3. Photo of Pascal Sellem

    Pascal Sellem Cast

  4. Photo of Karine Lyachenko

    Karine Lyachenko Cast

  5. Photo of Dani

    Dani Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Cuer

    Pierre Cuer Cast

  7. Photo of Jacques André

    Jacques André Cast

  8. Photo of Franck Belloeil

    Franck Belloeil Cast

  9. Photo of Gérard Depardieu

    Gérard Depardieu Cast

  10. Photo of Alain Chabat

    Alain Chabat Cast

  11. Photo of Gad Elmaleh

    Gad Elmaleh Cast

  12. Photo of Yvan Attal

    Yvan Attal Cast

  13. Photo of Daniel Auteuil

    Daniel Auteuil Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Marc Barr

    Jean-Marc Barr Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Dujardin

    Jean Dujardin Cast

  16. Photo of Vincent Lindon

    Vincent Lindon Cast

  17. Photo of Pierre Richard

    Pierre Richard Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Rochefort

    Jean Rochefort Cast

  19. Photo of Eric Cantona

    Eric Cantona Cast

  20. Photo of Claude Berri

    Claude Berri Cast

  21. Photo of Jamel Debbouze

    Jamel Debbouze Cast

  22. Photo of Alain Sarde

    Alain Sarde Cast

  23. Photo of Pierre Arditi

    Pierre Arditi Cast

  24. Photo of Edouard Baer

    Edouard Baer Cast

  25. Photo of Richard Berry

    Richard Berry Cast

  26. Photo of Guy Bedos

    Guy Bedos Cast

  27. Photo of Jean-Claude Brialy

    Jean-Claude Brialy Cast

  28. Photo of Guillaume Canet

    Guillaume Canet Cast

  29. Photo of Bernard Campan

    Bernard Campan Cast

  30. Photo of Antoine de Caunes

    Antoine de Caunes Cast

  31. Photo of Gérard Darmon

    Gérard Darmon Cast

  32. Photo of Jean-Pierre Darroussin

    Jean-Pierre Darroussin Cast

  33. Photo of Lorànt Deutsch

    Lorànt Deutsch Cast

  34. Photo of Albert Dupontel

    Albert Dupontel Cast

  35. Photo of Thierry Frémont

    Thierry Frémont Cast

  36. Photo of Jacques Gamblin

    Jacques Gamblin Cast

  37. Photo of Philippe Vene

    Philippe Vene Cinematography

  38. Photo of Ramon Pipin

    Ramon Pipin Music

  39. Photo of Anne Lafarge

    Anne Lafarge Editing