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  1. Photo of Arna Selznick

    Arna Selznick Director

  2. Photo of Peter Sauder

    Peter Sauder Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mickey Rooney

    Mickey Rooney Cast

  4. Photo of Jackie Burroughs

    Jackie Burroughs Cast

  5. Photo of Georgia Engel

    Georgia Engel Cast

  6. Photo of Sunny Besen Thrasher

    Sunny Besen Thrasher Cast

  7. Photo of Eva Almos

    Eva Almos Cast

  8. Photo of Patricia Black

    Patricia Black Cast

  9. Photo of Melleny Brown

    Melleny Brown Cast

  10. Photo of Bob Dermer

    Bob Dermer Cast

  11. Photo of Jayne Eastwood

    Jayne Eastwood Cast

  12. Photo of Cree Summer

    Cree Summer Cast

  13. Photo of Brian George

    Brian George Cast

  14. Photo of Janet-Laine Green

    Janet-Laine Green Cast

  15. Photo of Marla Lukofsky

    Marla Lukofsky Cast

  16. Photo of Patricia Cullen

    Patricia Cullen Music

  17. Photo of John Bohach

    John Bohach Producer

  18. Photo of Michael Hirsh

    Michael Hirsh Producer

  19. Photo of Lenora Hume

    Lenora Hume Producer

  20. Photo of Harvey Levin

    Harvey Levin Producer

  21. Photo of Patrick Loubert

    Patrick Loubert Producer

  22. Photo of Paul Pressler

    Paul Pressler Producer

  23. Photo of Clive A. Smith

    Clive A. Smith Producer

  24. Photo of Jack Chojnacki

    Jack Chojnacki Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Lou Gioia

    Lou Gioia Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Carole MacGillvray

    Carole MacGillvray Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Robert Unkel

    Robert Unkel Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Jim Erickson

    Jim Erickson Editing

  29. Photo of Tom Joerin

    Tom Joerin Editing

  30. Photo of Gordon Kidd

    Gordon Kidd Editing

  31. Photo of Steven R. Mitchell

    Steven R. Mitchell Editing

  32. Photo of Sheila Murray

    Sheila Murray Editing

  33. Photo of Michael O'Farrell

    Michael O'Farrell Editing

  34. Photo of Steve Weslak

    Steve Weslak Editing