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  1. Photo of George Pan Cosmatos

    George Pan Cosmatos Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Katz

    Robert Katz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tom Mankiewicz

    Tom Mankiewicz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Sophia Loren

    Sophia Loren Cast

  5. Photo of Richard Harris

    Richard Harris Cast

  6. Photo of Martin Sheen

    Martin Sheen Cast

  7. Photo of O.J. Simpson

    O.J. Simpson Cast

  8. Photo of Lionel Stander

    Lionel Stander Cast

  9. Photo of Ann Turkel

    Ann Turkel Cast

  10. Photo of Ingrid Thulin

    Ingrid Thulin Cast

  11. Photo of Lee Strasberg

    Lee Strasberg Cast

  12. Photo of Ava Gardner

    Ava Gardner Cast

  13. Photo of Burt Lancaster

    Burt Lancaster Cast

  14. Photo of Lou Castel

    Lou Castel Cast

  15. Photo of John Phillip Law

    John Phillip Law Cast

  16. Photo of Ray Lovelock

    Ray Lovelock Cast

  17. Photo of Alida Valli

    Alida Valli Cast

  18. Photo of Stefano Patrizi

    Stefano Patrizi Cast

  19. Photo of Thomas Hunter

    Thomas Hunter Cast

  20. Photo of Fausta Avelli

    Fausta Avelli Cast

  21. Photo of Angela Goodwin

    Angela Goodwin Cast

  22. Photo of Carlo De Mejo

    Carlo De Mejo Cast

  23. Photo of John P. Dulaney

    John P. Dulaney Cast

  24. Photo of Renzo Palmer

    Renzo Palmer Cast

  25. Photo of Michael Staudt

    Michael Staudt Cast

  26. Photo of Adam Strasberg

    Adam Strasberg Cast

  27. Photo of David Strasberg

    David Strasberg Cast

  28. Photo of Thomas Williams

    Thomas Williams Cast

  29. Photo of Ennio Guarnieri

    Ennio Guarnieri Cinematography

  30. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  31. Photo of Aurelio Crugnola

    Aurelio Crugnola Production Design

  32. Photo of Carlo Ponti

    Carlo Ponti Producer

  33. Photo of Lew Grade

    Lew Grade Producer

  34. Photo of Giancarlo Pettini

    Giancarlo Pettini Executive Producer

  35. Photo of Roberto Silvi

    Roberto Silvi Editing

  36. Photo of Fran├žoise Bonnot

    Fran├žoise Bonnot Editing