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  1. Photo of Emyr ap Richard

    Emyr ap Richard Director, Production Design, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka Novel

  3. Photo of Bayin

    Bayin Cast

  4. Photo of Jula

    Jula Cast

  5. Photo of Yirigui

    Yirigui Cast

  6. Photo of Altanochir

    Altanochir Cast

  7. Photo of Zandaraa

    Zandaraa Cast

  8. Photo of Nomindalai

    Nomindalai Cast

  9. Photo of Aruna

    Aruna Cast

  10. Photo of Urinshaa

    Urinshaa Cast

  11. Photo of Norbu

    Norbu Cast

  12. Photo of Oyunsang

    Oyunsang Cast

  13. Photo of Borgil

    Borgil Cast

  14. Photo of Agu

    Agu Cast

  15. Photo of Altangerel

    Altangerel Cast

  16. Photo of Matthieu Laclau

    Matthieu Laclau Cinematography and Editing

  17. Photo of Erdenibulag Darhad

    Erdenibulag Darhad Production Design and Director

  18. Photo of Jessica N. Liu

    Jessica N. Liu Producer and Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Justine O.

    Justine O. Producer

  20. Photo of Jia Zhangke

    Jia Zhangke Executive Producer and Producer

  21. Photo of Zhang Yang

    Zhang Yang Sound