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  1. Photo of Michael Haneke

    Michael Haneke Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ulrich Mühe

    Ulrich Mühe Cast

  4. Photo of Susanne Lothar

    Susanne Lothar Cast

  5. Photo of Frank Giering

    Frank Giering Cast

  6. Photo of Felix Eitner

    Felix Eitner Cast

  7. Photo of Nikolaus Paryla

    Nikolaus Paryla Cast

  8. Photo of André Eisermann

    André Eisermann Cast

  9. Photo of Dörte Lyssewski

    Dörte Lyssewski Cast

  10. Photo of Inga Busch

    Inga Busch Cast

  11. Photo of Norbert Schwientek

    Norbert Schwientek Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Diehl

    Hans Diehl Cast

  13. Photo of Birgit Linauer

    Birgit Linauer Cast

  14. Photo of Branko Samarovski

    Branko Samarovski Cast

  15. Photo of Udo Samel

    Udo Samel Cast

  16. Photo of Jiří Štíbr

    Jiří Štíbr Cinematography

  17. Photo of Christoph Kanter

    Christoph Kanter Production Design

  18. Photo of Veit Heiduschka

    Veit Heiduschka Producer

  19. Photo of Christina Undritz

    Christina Undritz Producer

  20. Photo of Andreas Prochaska

    Andreas Prochaska Editing

  21. Photo of Marc Parisotto

    Marc Parisotto Sound