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  1. Photo of Curtis Harrington

    Curtis Harrington Director

  2. Photo of Robert Bloch

    Robert Bloch Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wilfred Lloyd Baumes

    Wilfred Lloyd Baumes Screenplay

  4. Photo of Meredith Baxter

    Meredith Baxter Cast

  5. Photo of David Hedison

    David Hedison Cast

  6. Photo of Gale Sondergaard

    Gale Sondergaard Cast

  7. Photo of John Carradine

    John Carradine Cast

  8. Photo of Renne Jarrett

    Renne Jarrett Cast

  9. Photo of Douglas S. Cramer

    Douglas S. Cramer Producer and Screenplay

  10. Photo of Robert J. Anderson

    Robert J. Anderson Producer

  11. Photo of Leonard Rosenman

    Leonard Rosenman Music

  12. Photo of Charles Rosher Jr.

    Charles Rosher Jr. Cinematography

  13. Photo of Stan Ford

    Stan Ford Editing

  14. Photo of Ross Bellah

    Ross Bellah Production Design

  15. Photo of Cary Odell

    Cary Odell Production Design