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  1. Photo of John Peyser

    John Peyser Director

  2. Photo of Bob Peete

    Bob Peete Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arthur Marks

    Arthur Marks Screenplay

  4. Photo of Andrew Prine

    Andrew Prine Cast

  5. Photo of Jaime Lyn Bauer

    Jaime Lyn Bauer Cast

  6. Photo of Aldo Ray

    Aldo Ray Cast

  7. Photo of Dennis Olivieri

    Dennis Olivieri Cast

  8. Photo of Janet Wood

    Janet Wood Cast

  9. Photo of Teda Bracci

    Teda Bracci Cast

  10. Photo of Jennifer Ashley

    Jennifer Ashley Cast

  11. Photo of Tiffany Bolling

    Tiffany Bolling Cast

  12. Photo of Mike Mazurki

    Mike Mazurki Cast

  13. Photo of Kitty Carl

    Kitty Carl Cast