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  1. Photo of Mauro Bolognini

    Mauro Bolognini Director

  2. Photo of Marthe Keller

    Marthe Keller Cast

  3. Photo of Andrea Occhipinti

    Andrea Occhipinti Cast

  4. Photo of Gian Maria Volontè

    Gian Maria Volontè Cast

  5. Photo of Georges Wilson

    Georges Wilson Cast

  6. Photo of Pascale Reynaud

    Pascale Reynaud Cast

  7. Photo of Lucia Bosé

    Lucia Bosé Cast

  8. Photo of Nelly Borgeaud

    Nelly Borgeaud Cast

  9. Photo of Yann Babilée

    Yann Babilée Cast

  10. Photo of Marc Porel

    Marc Porel Cast

  11. Photo of Ottavia Piccolo

    Ottavia Piccolo Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Capell

    Peter Capell Cast

  13. Photo of Hans-Michael Rehberg

    Hans-Michael Rehberg Cast

  14. Photo of Jean Boissery

    Jean Boissery Cast

  15. Photo of Laura Betti

    Laura Betti Cast

  16. Photo of Yves Beneyton

    Yves Beneyton Cast

  17. Photo of Renato Scarpa

    Renato Scarpa Cast

  18. Photo of Tatina Demby

    Tatina Demby Screenplay

  19. Photo of Jean Gruault

    Jean Gruault Screenplay

  20. Photo of Enrico Medioli

    Enrico Medioli Screenplay

  21. Photo of Stendhal

    Stendhal Screenplay

  22. Photo of Camillo Bazzoni

    Camillo Bazzoni Cinematography

  23. Photo of Alessandro Lucidi

    Alessandro Lucidi Editing