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  1. Photo of Lasse Hallström

    Lasse Hallström Director

  2. Photo of Astrid Lindgren

    Astrid Lindgren Screenplay

  3. Photo of Waldemar Bergendahl

    Waldemar Bergendahl Producer

  4. Photo of Georg Riedel

    Georg Riedel Music

  5. Photo of Mats Ardström

    Mats Ardström Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jens Fischer

    Jens Fischer Cinematography

  7. Photo of Rolf Lindström

    Rolf Lindström Cinematography

  8. Photo of Susanne Linnman

    Susanne Linnman Editing

  9. Photo of Lasse Westfelt

    Lasse Westfelt Production Design

  10. Photo of Göran Carmback

    Göran Carmback Sound

  11. Photo of Anna Sahlin

    Anna Sahlin Cast

  12. Photo of Henrik Larsson

    Henrik Larsson Cast

  13. Photo of Linda Bergström

    Linda Bergström Cast

  14. Photo of Crispin Dickson Wendenius

    Crispin Dickson Wendenius Cast

  15. Photo of Ellen Demérus

    Ellen Demérus Cast

  16. Photo of Tove Edfeldt

    Tove Edfeldt Cast

  17. Photo of Harald Lönnbro

    Harald Lönnbro Cast

  18. Photo of Sören Petersson

    Sören Petersson Cast

  19. Photo of Ann-Sofie Knape

    Ann-Sofie Knape Cast

  20. Photo of Ingwar Svensson

    Ingwar Svensson Cast

  21. Photo of Elisabeth Nordkvist

    Elisabeth Nordkvist Cast

  22. Photo of Bill Jönsson

    Bill Jönsson Cast

  23. Photo of Catti Edfeldt

    Catti Edfeldt Cast

  24. Photo of Louise Ræder

    Louise Ræder Cast

  25. Photo of Peter Dywik

    Peter Dywik Cast

  26. Photo of Olof Sjögren

    Olof Sjögren Cast

  27. Photo of Ewa Carlsson

    Ewa Carlsson Cast

  28. Photo of Lasse Ståhl

    Lasse Ståhl Cast

  29. Photo of Britta Sterneland

    Britta Sterneland Cast

  30. Photo of Nina Englund

    Nina Englund Cast

  31. Photo of Sigfrid Eriksson

    Sigfrid Eriksson Cast

  32. Photo of Eddie Axberg

    Eddie Axberg Cast and Sound