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  1. Photo of Roger Spottiswoode

    Roger Spottiswoode Director

  2. Photo of Jane Hawksley

    Jane Hawksley Screenplay

  3. Photo of James MacManus

    James MacManus Screenplay

  4. Photo of Simon van der Borgh

    Simon van der Borgh Screenplay

  5. Photo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cast

  6. Photo of Radha Mitchell

    Radha Mitchell Cast

  7. Photo of Chow Yun-fat

    Chow Yun-fat Cast

  8. Photo of Michelle Yeoh

    Michelle Yeoh Cast

  9. Photo of Anastasia Kolpakova

    Anastasia Kolpakova Cast

  10. Photo of Matt Walker

    Matt Walker Cast

  11. Photo of Fang Yuelong

    Fang Yuelong Cast

  12. Photo of Su Ping

    Su Ping Cast

  13. Photo of Lin Ji

    Lin Ji Cast

  14. Photo of Li Guang

    Li Guang Cast

  15. Photo of Imai Hideaki

    Imai Hideaki Cast

  16. Photo of Sciichiro Hashimoto

    Sciichiro Hashimoto Cast

  17. Photo of Shinichi Takashima

    Shinichi Takashima Cast

  18. Photo of Zhao Xiaoding

    Zhao Xiaoding Cinematography

  19. Photo of David Hirschfelder

    David Hirschfelder Music

  20. Photo of Steven Jones-Evans

    Steven Jones-Evans Production Design

  21. Photo of Arthur Cohn

    Arthur Cohn Producer

  22. Photo of Martin Hagemann

    Martin Hagemann Producer

  23. Photo of Alan D. Lee

    Alan D. Lee Producer

  24. Photo of Peter Loehr

    Peter Loehr Producer

  25. Photo of Wieland-Schulz Keil

    Wieland-Schulz Keil Producer

  26. Photo of Jonathan Shteinman

    Jonathan Shteinman Producer

  27. Photo of Lillian Birnbaum

    Lillian Birnbaum Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Taylor Thomson

    Taylor Thomson Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Geoffrey Lamb

    Geoffrey Lamb Editing