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  1. Photo of Robert Spafford

    Robert Spafford Director

  2. Photo of Robert Spafford

    Robert Spafford Screenplay

  3. Photo of Matt White

    Matt White Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yvonne Buckingham

    Yvonne Buckingham Cast

  5. Photo of John Drew Barrymore

    John Drew Barrymore Cast

  6. Photo of Alicia Brandet

    Alicia Brandet Cast

  7. Photo of Mandy Rice-Davies

    Mandy Rice-Davies Cast

  8. Photo of Mel Welles

    Mel Welles Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Prowse

    Peter Prowse Cast

  10. Photo of Mimi Heinrich

    Mimi Heinrich Cast

  11. Photo of Lise Henningsen

    Lise Henningsen Cast

  12. Photo of Christine Keeler

    Christine Keeler Cast

  13. Photo of Gunnar Lemvigh

    Gunnar Lemvigh Cast

  14. Photo of John G. Nasht

    John G. Nasht Producer

  15. Photo of Roger Bourdin

    Roger Bourdin Music

  16. Photo of Roger Connock

    Roger Connock Music

  17. Photo of Michel Rocca

    Michel Rocca Cinematography

  18. Photo of Jim Connock

    Jim Connock Editing