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  1. Photo of Laurent Cantet

    Laurent Cantet Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robin Campillo

    Robin Campillo Screenplay and Editing

  3. Photo of François Bégaudeau

    François Bégaudeau Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Franck Keïta

    Franck Keïta Cast

  5. Photo of Esmeralda Ouertani

    Esmeralda Ouertani Cast

  6. Photo of Rachel Regulier

    Rachel Regulier Cast

  7. Photo of Jean-Michel Simonet

    Jean-Michel Simonet Cast

  8. Photo of Fatoumata Kantée

    Fatoumata Kantée Cast

  9. Photo of Cheick Baba Doumbia

    Cheick Baba Doumbia Cast

  10. Photo of Huang Wei

    Huang Wei Cast

  11. Photo of Louise Grinberg

    Louise Grinberg Cast

  12. Photo of Pierre Milon

    Pierre Milon Cinematography

  13. Photo of Caroline Benjo

    Caroline Benjo Producer

  14. Photo of Carole Scotta

    Carole Scotta Producer

  15. Photo of Simon Arnal

    Simon Arnal Producer

  16. Photo of Barbara Letellier

    Barbara Letellier Producer

  17. Photo of Stephanie Leger

    Stephanie Leger Editing

  18. Photo of Olivier Mauvezin

    Olivier Mauvezin Sound

  19. Photo of Antoine Mercier

    Antoine Mercier Sound

  20. Photo of Paulin Sagna

    Paulin Sagna Sound