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  1. Photo of Shyam Ramsay

    Shyam Ramsay Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Dev Kishan

    Dev Kishan Screenplay

  3. Photo of Hashmat Khan

    Hashmat Khan Cast

  4. Photo of Manjeet Kullar

    Manjeet Kullar Cast

  5. Photo of Kunika

    Kunika Cast

  6. Photo of Vijayendra Ghatge

    Vijayendra Ghatge Cast

  7. Photo of Satish Kaul

    Satish Kaul Cast

  8. Photo of Gangu Ramsay

    Gangu Ramsay Cinematography

  9. Photo of Anand Chitragupth

    Anand Chitragupth Music

  10. Photo of Milind Chitragupth

    Milind Chitragupth Music

  11. Photo of Tulsi Ramsay

    Tulsi Ramsay Production Design, Director Producer

  12. Photo of Kanta Ramsay

    Kanta Ramsay Producer

  13. Photo of Anjali Ramsay

    Anjali Ramsay Producer

  14. Photo of Keshav Hirani

    Keshav Hirani Editing