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  1. Photo of Tofiq Tagizada

    Tofiq Tagizada Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Muxtar Dadasov

    Muxtar Dadasov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Üzeyir Hacibayov

    Üzeyir Hacibayov Music

  4. Photo of Ilya Minkovetsky

    Ilya Minkovetsky Cinematography

  5. Photo of Elbay Rzaquliyev

    Elbay Rzaquliyev Production Design

  6. Photo of Tamara Narimanbayova

    Tamara Narimanbayova Editing

  7. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  8. Photo of Leyla Şıxlinskaya

    Leyla Şıxlinskaya Cast

  9. Photo of Ağadadaş Qurbanov

    Ağadadaş Qurbanov Cast

  10. Photo of Naciba Malikova

    Naciba Malikova Cast

  11. Photo of Hacimurad Yegizarov

    Hacimurad Yegizarov Cast

  12. Photo of Xuraman Hacıyeva

    Xuraman Hacıyeva Cast

  13. Photo of Talat Rahmanov

    Talat Rahmanov Cast

  14. Photo of Safura İbrahimova

    Safura İbrahimova Cast

  15. Photo of Möhsün Sanani

    Möhsün Sanani Cast

  16. Photo of Mammad Alili

    Mammad Alili Cast

  17. Photo of Qorxmaz Alili

    Qorxmaz Alili Cast

  18. Photo of Hacımammad Qafqazlı

    Hacımammad Qafqazlı Cast