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  1. Photo of Vojtěch Jasný

    Vojtěch Jasný Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Heinz Angermeyer

    Heinz Angermeyer Producer

  3. Photo of Maximilian Schell

    Maximilian Schell Producer

  4. Photo of Heinrich Böll

    Heinrich Böll Screenplay

  5. Photo of Walter Lassally

    Walter Lassally Cinematography

  6. Photo of Helmut Griem

    Helmut Griem Cast

  7. Photo of Hanna Schygulla

    Hanna Schygulla Cast

  8. Photo of Eva Maria Meineke

    Eva Maria Meineke Cast

  9. Photo of Hans Christian Blech

    Hans Christian Blech Cast

  10. Photo of Gustav Rudolf Sellner

    Gustav Rudolf Sellner Cast

  11. Photo of Dagmar Hirtz

    Dagmar Hirtz Editing

  12. Photo of Pit Janzen

    Pit Janzen Production Design

  13. Photo of Georg von Kieseritzky

    Georg von Kieseritzky Production Design

  14. Photo of Eberhard Schoener

    Eberhard Schoener Music

  15. Photo of Charlotte Flemming

    Charlotte Flemming Costume Design

  16. Photo of Alexander May

    Alexander May Cast

  17. Photo of Jan Niklas

    Jan Niklas Cast

  18. Photo of Rainer Basedow

    Rainer Basedow Cast

  19. Photo of Helga Anders

    Helga Anders Cast

  20. Photo of Claudia Butenuth

    Claudia Butenuth Cast

  21. Photo of Ben Hecker

    Ben Hecker Cast

  22. Photo of Wolfram Koch

    Wolfram Koch Cast

  23. Photo of Susanne Seidler

    Susanne Seidler Cast

  24. Photo of Heinrich von Busch

    Heinrich von Busch Cast