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  1. oooooo's rating of the film The Club

  2. hemachandra's rating of the film The Club

  3. Victor's rating of the film The Club

  4. MarcelVonPure's rating of the film The Club

    I wonder what Arvo Part would say..

  5. Viginti_tres's rating of the film The Club

    Cruel and troubling. Larrain's film has no love for the people it presents, but it gives them time regardless. Not so they can redeem themselves, or to humanize them to our empathy, but to educate us to the extent of of their evil, to its everyday appearance and habits. Troubling and cruel.

  6. Patrícia Nunes's rating of the film The Club

    'a dysfunctional brotherhood of shame'

  7. astygianelysium's rating of the film The Club

    The film refuses easy access to characters' interior lives; all you have is each person's word to balance against the infinity of possible "truths" that the words might be masking. (The Cinemascope aesthetic further fogs up your view of the priests' psychic lives). Victimhood cannot be easily ascribed to any given person: each connives and plots after their own unique desires. To repent would mean to give desire up.

  8. blyniukas's rating of the film The Club

    It is definitely a memorable film, it carries a strong content and makes one shudder at the mere idea of the depths this sort of evil comes from and wonder about its origins - on some level it's got this Lynch or von Trier effect, where the human element is so realistic and reeks of sadism. Makes you cringe in your seat.. A necessary film but oh so hard to watch..

  9. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film The Club

  10. Joel's rating of the film The Club

    An elegantly difficult film, I appreciated it's honest and scathing perspective on a trying subject. I find religious folks are often portrayed in extremes in cinema, either one dimensional saints or villians or fools. This film tried to add nuance but it also lacked entirely in grace. I'm grateful I watched it but I'm not sure what to make of it.

  11. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film The Club

  12. DanielST's rating of the film The Club

    Visceral. La película quema. Un tema que siempre debería ser discusión, especialmente en latinoamérica. El desarrollo de algunos personajes flojea al final de la película. Todo lo demás, impecable!

  13. Matthew Martens's rating of the film The Club

    As film art, despite the use of Cinemascope to harvest ravishing (if you'll forgive the term in this context) visuals from its coastal Chilean nowheresville setting, The Club is less interesting and more linear than Larrain's earlier work. But this wrenching, ambivalent corrective to the simplistic moralizing understandably endemic to examinations of child sex abuse in the Catholic Church is no small achievement.

  14. Oluseyi's rating of the film The Club

  15. Francisco R.'s rating of the film The Club

    Larraín and his team only falter on the unabashed misanthropy and its constant excesses to make an argument all too familiar for Chilean standards, but his storytelling remains gripping and sharp within its own limitations, which makes one conclude that Larrain's understanding of narrative devices is getting better, however banal or belligerent they might be at the moment.

  16. Gisèle Kérosène's rating of the film The Club

  17. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film The Club

  18. Rafael Zen's rating of the film The Club

    This faith tale puts together a beautiful cast to showcase their best: it's painfully devastating: layer after layer after layer of awkwardness and catholic guilt delight. Larraín builds a very atmospheric diegesis - it's an odd world for odd sins. Caught me choking on some scenes: like the church, they are intense and cruel.

  19. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film The Club

  20. Vaida Kazlauskaitė's rating of the film The Club

    Meh, I dunno, worn-off topic that got me seriously bored towards the end. Nice cinematography though

  21. Kafkiana's rating of the film The Club

  22. Mariana Filipa's rating of the film The Club

    It was going just fine until the end, it was exaggerated and not a bit realist. People above all things are just people.

  23. DrFirestone's rating of the film The Club

    Interesting visually; beautiful, desolate location seems to match the subject matter and adds to the mood. The cinematography is strong fully utilising the spectacular location. All of this is great, however watching this film I felt it tries hard to be controversial; isn't it obvious priests are as human (therefore flawed) as anyone else? I'm not a religious person, maybe that's why I didn't find the topic engaging.

  24.'s rating of the film The Club

    Grim. Isolated from the world a quartet of 'spoiled priests' and a sinister ex-nun live their miserable (dogs) lives, literally on the edge. The film wallows in a cesspit of depravities that Holy Mother Church dared not publicly acknowledge. There is little sign of redemption here - even in the Christ-like confessor and victim. A tad homophobic, but there is nothing 'gay' about these characters.

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