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  1. Photo of Dušan Makavejev

    Dušan Makavejev Director

  2. Photo of Les Lithgow

    Les Lithgow Executive Producer

  3. Photo of David Roe

    David Roe Producer

  4. Photo of Frank Moorhouse

    Frank Moorhouse Screenplay

  5. Photo of Denny Lawrence

    Denny Lawrence Screenplay

  6. Photo of Dean Semler

    Dean Semler Cinematography

  7. Photo of Eric Roberts

    Eric Roberts Cast

  8. Photo of Greta Scacchi

    Greta Scacchi Cast

  9. Photo of Bill Kerr

    Bill Kerr Cast

  10. Photo of Chris Haywood

    Chris Haywood Cast

  11. Photo of Kris McQuade

    Kris McQuade Cast

  12. Photo of Max Gillies

    Max Gillies Cast

  13. Photo of Tony Barry

    Tony Barry Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Chubb

    Paul Chubb Cast

  15. Photo of David Slingsby

    David Slingsby Cast

  16. Photo of Tim Finn

    Tim Finn Cast

  17. Photo of Colleen Clifford

    Colleen Clifford Cast

  18. Photo of Rebecca Smart

    Rebecca Smart Cast

  19. Photo of Esben Storm

    Esben Storm Cast

  20. Photo of Steve Dodd

    Steve Dodd Cast

  21. Photo of Ian Gilmour

    Ian Gilmour Cast

  22. Photo of David Argue

    David Argue Cast

  23. Photo of John Scott

    John Scott Editing

  24. Photo of Graham 'Grace' Walker

    Graham 'Grace' Walker Production Design

  25. Photo of William Motzing

    William Motzing Music

  26. Photo of Terry Ryan

    Terry Ryan Costume Design