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  1. Photo of Paulus Joseph Verhoeven

    Paulus Joseph Verhoeven Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Wilhelm Hauff

    Wilhelm Hauff Screenplay

  3. Photo of Wolff von Gordon

    Wolff von Gordon Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lutz Moik

    Lutz Moik Cast

  5. Photo of Hanna Rucker

    Hanna Rucker Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Esser

    Paul Esser Cast

  8. Photo of Lotte Loebinger

    Lotte Loebinger Cast

  9. Photo of Alexander Engel

    Alexander Engel Cast

  10. Photo of Hannsgeorg Laubenthal

    Hannsgeorg Laubenthal Cast

  11. Photo of Karl Hellmer

    Karl Hellmer Cast

  12. Photo of Walter Tarrach

    Walter Tarrach Cast

  13. Photo of Eva Probst

    Eva Probst Cast

  14. Photo of Herbert Kiper

    Herbert Kiper Cast

  15. Photo of Erwin Geschonneck

    Erwin Geschonneck Cast

  16. Photo of Karl Heinz Deickert

    Karl Heinz Deickert Cast

  17. Photo of Ernst Kunstmann

    Ernst Kunstmann Cinematography

  18. Photo of Bruno Mondi

    Bruno Mondi Cinematography

  19. Photo of Herbert Trantow

    Herbert Trantow Music

  20. Photo of Hermann Asmus

    Hermann Asmus Production Design

  21. Photo of Franz Koehn

    Franz Koehn Production Design

  22. Photo of Hans Minzloff

    Hans Minzloff Production Design

  23. Photo of Alfred Tolle

    Alfred Tolle Production Design

  24. Photo of Lena Neumann

    Lena Neumann Editing