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Ratings & Reviews

  1. melly's rating of the film The Colditz Story

    Fast-paced and entertaining little escape film about just a choice few of the antics that Pat Reid wrote about in his book of the same title, culminating in the famous "home run" of Reid himself. Incidentally, it's a great adaption, and rather faithful to the source material. Its main detraction is the horrendously overstated (even by the era's standards) score, which drowns out whole scenes.

  2. Thomas's rating of the film The Colditz Story

    Stirring war drama. Perfect Sunday afternoon viewing.

  3. Bill Rosenfield's rating of the film The Colditz Story

    Well made, always involving bit of stiff upper lip history. Though I have to say conditions didn't really seem THAT bad. They were well fed, had warm overcoats and put on shows. But all they wanted to do was escape..go figure.