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  1. Photo of Jeff Renfroe

    Jeff Renfroe Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Patrick Tarr

    Patrick Tarr Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pascal Trottier

    Pascal Trottier Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kevin Zegers

    Kevin Zegers Cast

  5. Photo of Laurence Fishburne

    Laurence Fishburne Cast

  6. Photo of Bill Paxton

    Bill Paxton Cast

  7. Photo of Charlotte Sullivan

    Charlotte Sullivan Cast

  8. Photo of Dru Viergever

    Dru Viergever Cast

  9. Photo of John Tench

    John Tench Cast

  10. Photo of Lisa Berry

    Lisa Berry Cast

  11. Photo of Lucius Hoyos

    Lucius Hoyos Cast

  12. Photo of Kimberly-Sue Murray

    Kimberly-Sue Murray Cast

  13. Photo of Michael Mando

    Michael Mando Cast

  14. Photo of Romano Orzari

    Romano Orzari Cast

  15. Photo of John Healy

    John Healy Cast

  16. Photo of Julian Richings

    Julian Richings Cast

  17. Photo of Atticus Mitchell

    Atticus Mitchell Cast

  18. Photo of Pierre Gill

    Pierre Gill Cinematography

  19. Photo of Jeff Danna

    Jeff Danna Music

  20. Photo of Aidan Leroux

    Aidan Leroux Production Design

  21. Photo of Paul Barkin

    Paul Barkin Producer

  22. Photo of Matthew Cervi

    Matthew Cervi Producer

  23. Photo of Pierre Even

    Pierre Even Producer

  24. Photo of Marie-Claude Poulin

    Marie-Claude Poulin Producer

  25. Photo of Peter Graham

    Peter Graham Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Marc Schaberg

    Marc Schaberg Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Noah Segal

    Noah Segal Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Mark Slone

    Mark Slone Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Aaron Marshall

    Aaron Marshall Editing

  30. Photo of Pierre-Jules Audet

    Pierre-Jules Audet Sound

  31. Photo of Lea Carlson

    Lea Carlson Costume Design