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  1. Photo of Emil Christov

    Emil Christov Director

  2. Photo of Vladislav Todorov

    Vladislav Todorov Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bouriana Zakharieva

    Bouriana Zakharieva Producer

  4. Photo of Ruscen Vidinliev

    Ruscen Vidinliev Cast

  5. Photo of Irena Milyankova

    Irena Milyankova Cast

  6. Photo of Rousy Chanev

    Rousy Chanev Cast

  7. Photo of Deyan Donkov

    Deyan Donkov Cast

  8. Photo of Svetlana Yancheva

    Svetlana Yancheva Cast

  9. Photo of Samuel Finzi

    Samuel Finzi Cast

  10. Photo of Krum Rodriguez

    Krum Rodriguez Cinematography

  11. Photo of Alexander Etimov

    Alexander Etimov Editing

  12. Photo of Svetlosar Georgiev

    Svetlosar Georgiev Sound

  13. Photo of Pierre-Yves Lavoué

    Pierre-Yves Lavoué Sound

  14. Photo of Nikolay Madzharov

    Nikolay Madzharov Music

  15. Photo of Prolet Spasova

    Prolet Spasova Production Design