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  1. lapalela's rating of the film The Comedian

    The only star is only because Nathan Stewart-Jarret is flawless in this, but the script is c r a p

  2. Jørgen Lien's rating of the film The Comedian

    I'm wondering whether there's kind of a grade-inflation behind my 3 stars. It's better than your average LGBT film (and better acted), but it's also slightly directionless, and to the extent that it takes a specific path, it's a fairly well-trodden one. Two scenes stand out, though. The closing dialogue in a cab, and a multi-character scene on a bus. There, the interaction actually triggers something.

  3. Ugnė's rating of the film The Comedian

    That's true, scenes are really naturalistic. However, in the middle of the film it becomes frustrating to watch a frustrated guy who doesn't change in the course of the film. And the brilliant acting doesn't help here.

  4. CRW's rating of the film The Comedian

    Ridiculously underrated. What the hell! Incredibly naturalistic scenes. It's as if they forgot to distribute this film. So hard to find. Well worth it, however.