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  1. Photo of G.W. Pabst

    G.W. Pabst Director

  2. Photo of Olly Boeheim

    Olly Boeheim Screenplay

  3. Photo of Axel Eggebrecht

    Axel Eggebrecht Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter von Hollander

    Walter von Hollander Screenplay

  5. Photo of Käthe Dorsch

    Käthe Dorsch Cast

  6. Photo of Hilde Krahl

    Hilde Krahl Cast

  7. Photo of Henny Porten

    Henny Porten Cast

  8. Photo of Gustav Diessl

    Gustav Diessl Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Häussler

    Richard Häussler Cast

  10. Photo of Friedrich Domin

    Friedrich Domin Cast

  11. Photo of Ludwig Schmitz

    Ludwig Schmitz Cast

  12. Photo of Sonja Gerda Scholz

    Sonja Gerda Scholz Cast

  13. Photo of Lucy Millowitsch

    Lucy Millowitsch Cast

  14. Photo of Bettina Hambach

    Bettina Hambach Cast

  15. Photo of Walter Janssen

    Walter Janssen Cast

  16. Photo of Alexander Ponto

    Alexander Ponto Cast

  17. Photo of Viktor Afritsch

    Viktor Afritsch Cast

  18. Photo of Kurt Müller-Graf

    Kurt Müller-Graf Cast

  19. Photo of Harry Langewisch

    Harry Langewisch Cast

  20. Photo of Arnulf Schröder

    Arnulf Schröder Cast

  21. Photo of Hans Stiebner

    Hans Stiebner Cast

  22. Photo of Kurt Stieler

    Kurt Stieler Cast

  23. Photo of Leopold von Ledebur

    Leopold von Ledebur Cast

  24. Photo of Reginald Pasch

    Reginald Pasch Cast

  25. Photo of Ullrich Haupt

    Ullrich Haupt Cast

  26. Photo of Erna Sellmer

    Erna Sellmer Cast

  27. Photo of Janne Furch

    Janne Furch Cast

  28. Photo of Edith Meinel

    Edith Meinel Cast

  29. Photo of Alice Franz

    Alice Franz Cast

  30. Photo of Maria Sigg

    Maria Sigg Cast

  31. Photo of Margarete Henning-Roth

    Margarete Henning-Roth Cast

  32. Photo of Ernst Legal

    Ernst Legal Cast

  33. Photo of Erich Dunskus

    Erich Dunskus Cast

  34. Photo of Nicolas Koline

    Nicolas Koline Cast

  35. Photo of Karin Evans

    Karin Evans Cast

  36. Photo of Julius Frey

    Julius Frey Cast

  37. Photo of Gertrud Schneider

    Gertrud Schneider Cast

  38. Photo of Barbara Pleyer

    Barbara Pleyer Cast

  39. Photo of Bruno Stephan

    Bruno Stephan Cinematography

  40. Photo of Lothar Brühne

    Lothar Brühne Music

  41. Photo of Gerbert Hochreiter

    Gerbert Hochreiter Production Design

  42. Photo of Julius von Borsody

    Julius von Borsody Production Design

  43. Photo of Hans Schweikart

    Hans Schweikart Producer

  44. Photo of Ludolf Grisebach

    Ludolf Grisebach Editing

  45. Photo of Emil Specht

    Emil Specht Sound