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  1. Photo of Axel Corti

    Axel Corti Director

  2. Photo of Michael Scharang

    Michael Scharang Screenplay

  3. Photo of Klaus Rott

    Klaus Rott Cast

  4. Photo of Wolfgang Hübsch

    Wolfgang Hübsch Cast

  5. Photo of Liliana Nelska

    Liliana Nelska Cast

  6. Photo of Bruno Dallansky

    Bruno Dallansky Cast

  7. Photo of Sylvia Haider

    Sylvia Haider Cast

  8. Photo of Rudolf Melichar

    Rudolf Melichar Cast

  9. Photo of Hilde Sochor

    Hilde Sochor Cast

  10. Photo of Karl Merkatz

    Karl Merkatz Cast

  11. Photo of Kurt Weinzierl

    Kurt Weinzierl Cast

  12. Photo of Joe Berger

    Joe Berger Cast

  13. Photo of Jaromír Borek

    Jaromír Borek Cast

  14. Photo of Julia Gschnitzer

    Julia Gschnitzer Cast

  15. Photo of Michael Janisch

    Michael Janisch Cast

  16. Photo of Bernd Jeschek

    Bernd Jeschek Cast

  17. Photo of Rudolf Strobl

    Rudolf Strobl Cast

  18. Photo of Michael Toost

    Michael Toost Cast

  19. Photo of Xaver Schwarzenberger

    Xaver Schwarzenberger Cinematography

  20. Photo of Werner Swossil

    Werner Swossil Producer

  21. Photo of Alexander Wesemann

    Alexander Wesemann Producer

  22. Photo of Liselotte Klimitscheck

    Liselotte Klimitscheck Editing