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  1. Photo of Costa-Gavras

    Costa-Gavras Director

  2. Photo of Lise London

    Lise London Screenplay

  3. Photo of Artur London

    Artur London Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jorge Semprún

    Jorge Semprún Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yves Montand

    Yves Montand Cast

  6. Photo of Simone Signoret

    Simone Signoret Cast

  7. Photo of Gabriele Ferzetti

    Gabriele Ferzetti Cast

  8. Photo of Michel Vitold

    Michel Vitold Cast

  9. Photo of Antoine Vitez

    Antoine Vitez Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Bouise

    Jean Bouise Cast

  11. Photo of László Szabó

    László Szabó Cast

  12. Photo of Monique Chaumette

    Monique Chaumette Cast

  13. Photo of Guy Mairesse

    Guy Mairesse Cast

  14. Photo of Marc Eyraud

    Marc Eyraud Cast

  15. Photo of Gérard Darrieu

    Gérard Darrieu Cast

  16. Photo of Georges Aubert

    Georges Aubert Cast

  17. Photo of Michel Robin

    Michel Robin Cast

  18. Photo of Raoul Coutard

    Raoul Coutard Cinematography

  19. Photo of Giovanni Fusco

    Giovanni Fusco Music

  20. Photo of Bernard Evein

    Bernard Evein Production Design

  21. Photo of Robert Dorfmann

    Robert Dorfmann Producer

  22. Photo of Bertrand Javal

    Bertrand Javal Producer

  23. Photo of Françoise Bonnot

    Françoise Bonnot Editing

  24. Photo of William Robert Sivel

    William Robert Sivel Sound