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  1. Photo of Roberto Andò

    Roberto Andò Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Angelo Pasquini

    Angelo Pasquini Screenplay

  3. Photo of Angelo Barbagallo

    Angelo Barbagallo Producer

  4. Photo of Matilde Barbagallo

    Matilde Barbagallo Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Nicola Piovani

    Nicola Piovani Music

  6. Photo of Maurizio Calvesi

    Maurizio Calvesi Cinematography

  7. Photo of Clelio Benevento

    Clelio Benevento Editing

  8. Photo of Giada Esposito

    Giada Esposito Production Design

  9. Photo of Maria Rita Barbera

    Maria Rita Barbera Costume Design

  10. Photo of Fulgenzio Ceccon

    Fulgenzio Ceccon Sound

  11. Photo of Toni Servillo

    Toni Servillo Cast

  12. Photo of Daniel Auteuil

    Daniel Auteuil Cast

  13. Photo of Pierfrancesco Favino

    Pierfrancesco Favino Cast

  14. Photo of Moritz Bleibtreu

    Moritz Bleibtreu Cast

  15. Photo of Connie Nielsen

    Connie Nielsen Cast

  16. Photo of Marie-Josée Croze

    Marie-Josée Croze Cast

  17. Photo of Lambert Wilson

    Lambert Wilson Cast

  18. Photo of Richard Sammel

    Richard Sammel Cast

  19. Photo of Johan Heldenbergh

    Johan Heldenbergh Cast

  20. Photo of Togo Igawa

    Togo Igawa Cast

  21. Photo of Aleksey Guskov

    Aleksey Guskov Cast

  22. Photo of Stéphane Freiss

    Stéphane Freiss Cast

  23. Photo of Julian Ovenden

    Julian Ovenden Cast

  24. Photo of John Keogh

    John Keogh Cast

  25. Photo of Andy de la Tour

    Andy de la Tour Cast

  26. Photo of Giulia Andò

    Giulia Andò Cast

  27. Photo of Ernesto D'Argenio

    Ernesto D'Argenio Cast

  28. Photo of Moritz Berg

    Moritz Berg Cast

  29. Photo of Jeff Burrell

    Jeff Burrell Cast

  30. Photo of Lisa Eichhorn

    Lisa Eichhorn Cast

  31. Photo of Michael Epp

    Michael Epp Cast

  32. Photo of Peter Fieseler

    Peter Fieseler Cast

  33. Photo of Julia Horvath

    Julia Horvath Cast

  34. Photo of Judith Seither

    Judith Seither Cast

  35. Photo of Tomas Spencer

    Tomas Spencer Cast