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  1. Moses Lumpkin's rating of the film The Congress

  2. bartkl's rating of the film The Congress

    Constantly developing in unexpected, vague, yet logical ways, this film maintains a perfect balance, turbulently displaying creative and interesting ideas while remaining coherent and captivating. Genuinely philosophical on several levels, superseding just the rational and even utilizing the medium of film itself ingeniously. It even succeeded emotionally, peaking at the inventive ending which put tears to my eyes.

  3. Tasha saraswati's rating of the film The Congress

    The events depicted in this film may very well come true, with Peter Cushing being CGI-ed in the latest Star Wars movie

  4. Tatami's rating of the film The Congress

    A little too ambitious for its own good. The animation is creative but we fail to care. The film is filled with interesting ideas but plagued with pointless segments. The message is not very subtle and a lot of it strikes me as done in bad taste. The live action and animated bits just don't work together, though it was probably done to accentuate the gap between the realities, not bad but it didn't work that well.

  5. Adèle Vivet's rating of the film The Congress

    Un ovni cinématographique. Je ne sais pas trop quoi en penser, mais il m'a vraiment interpellé, tant par le scénario que l'ambiance étrange qui se dégage de l'animation fantasmagorique et violente.

  6. consuelo's rating of the film The Congress

    One star film that is so unfair to put it in the "waste your time" box, five stars film that is so chaotic that would be better to be qualify it with question marks than stars. A candidate to become a cult movie. This is one of those that makes the five star rate system looks obsolete. Have a nice trip.

  7. James Mackin's rating of the film The Congress

    I don't really know how I feel about this film. I really liked everything before the animation, and then it just kinda lost me.

  8. ignaciolwr's rating of the film The Congress

    Capitalism causes its self-destruction!

  9. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film The Congress

    Is a hidden desire for self destruction driving us to create a new technology after the other? Or is it just a driven market for money crazy and out of control race that eventually will destroy us? Is it plain fear or just imaginative art that always takes us to some dystopian technological world? Whatever it is, this one is when psychedelic drugs meet computer coding.

  10. Konrad Szlendak's rating of the film The Congress

    Interesting at times, but very messily put together!

  11. Thomas's rating of the film The Congress

    Overly convoluted mash-up, but an interesting concept. The first half was intriguing.

  12. Mister No's rating of the film The Congress

  13. Alex Pintică's rating of the film The Congress

  14. Chris's rating of the film The Congress

    This film contains plenty of lofty ideas, but it never quite explores them in any sort of sufficient or substantive fashion. Furthermore, at 122 minutes, the film is a bit of a slog, and it bogs down quite a bit in the second act. I admit that part of my disappointment may stem from the fact that the film wasn't quite what I expected it to be, but even then, I think it's a bit of a miss.

  15. Jimmi HRS's rating of the film The Congress

    A rather complex matrix-esque concept expressed in the mediums of live-action/animation, and surprisingly well executed. The animation may seem quite convoluted but I think it works surprisingly well considering the feat undertaken.

  16. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film The Congress

    When a good idea becomes a confusing journey with boring moments. I had the feeling of wanting to reach the final half of the film.

  17. Thijmen's rating of the film The Congress

    Great trippy movie. Some of the story telling is a bit cheasy but the visuals are amazing and the general idea of taking our freedom away with the choice of using chemicals to turn into someone else is great.

  18. Amanda A.Costa's rating of the film The Congress

    Her " last acting" was the best part along with Harvey Kietel's monologue. Its definitely a movie you must see, cause the visual experience and Robin Wright performance is great. 3.5/5

  19. Khashayar Mohammadi's rating of the film The Congress

    Gotta admit it could have been a lot better than it is. It disappointed me various times throughout, yet redeemed itself in other moments. Overall an interesting somewhat unique journey worth watching.

  20. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film The Congress

    "Perfect? No. But it's not's bad at all for the beginning of the revolution." seems to sum the film itself, even if Andrew Niccol's S1m0ne "began the revolution" in 2002.

  21. Aleksandras Trofimovas's rating of the film The Congress

  22. AKFilmFan's rating of the film The Congress

    This high-concept film is visually delightful but only slightly achieves its goals as it goes along. You buy into its society and Wright's actress. But Ari Folman keeps things mature & provocative (sometimes working & other times disappointing). It may miss the human element of the story but for all it's overreach & speculation, half the fun of this post-modern animated hybrid is spotting all the references.

  23. rainerfloo's rating of the film The Congress

    When something this ambitious is mostly successful, what you experience is blown mind despite there being some room to nitpick in critique. In other words, this had more impact on me than plenty of films I've experienced as more "perfect". And it makes me want to invest in an entire presentation system I don't have and mostly don't need for my taste in film, just to be able to experience it optimally at will.

  24. @frassivan's rating of the film The Congress

    3,5 despite the excellent premises and a clear vision of our hallucinated reality ..

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