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  1. Photo of Dick Powell

    Dick Powell Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Oscar Millard

    Oscar Millard Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Wayne

    John Wayne Cast

  4. Photo of Susan Hayward

    Susan Hayward Cast

  5. Photo of Pedro Armendáriz

    Pedro Armendáriz Cast

  6. Photo of Agnes Moorehead

    Agnes Moorehead Cast

  7. Photo of William Conrad

    William Conrad Cast

  8. Photo of Victor Young

    Victor Young Music

  9. Photo of Thomas Gomez

    Thomas Gomez Cast

  10. Photo of John Hoyt

    John Hoyt Cast

  11. Photo of Ted de Corsia

    Ted de Corsia Cast

  12. Photo of Leslie Bradley

    Leslie Bradley Cast

  13. Photo of Lee Van Cleef

    Lee Van Cleef Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Mamakos

    Peter Mamakos Cast

  15. Photo of Leo Gordon

    Leo Gordon Cast

  16. Photo of Richard Loo

    Richard Loo Cast

  17. Photo of Howard Hughes

    Howard Hughes Producer

  18. Photo of Joseph LaShelle

    Joseph LaShelle Cinematography

  19. Photo of William E. Snyder

    William E. Snyder Cinematography

  20. Photo of Leo Tover

    Leo Tover Cinematography

  21. Photo of Harry J. Wild

    Harry J. Wild Cinematography

  22. Photo of Robert Ford

    Robert Ford Editing

  23. Photo of Kennie Marstella

    Kennie Marstella Editing

  24. Photo of Carroll Clark

    Carroll Clark Production Design

  25. Photo of Albert S. D'Agostino

    Albert S. D'Agostino Production Design